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Charles Aznavour -E

Hi to all of you,

How nice to see you again, you who were able to attend Vincent Raymond Barker's lecture on Charles Aznavour.

We are also happy to know that you greatly enjoyed the lecture because, as you said during our zoom conversation, you learned a great deal about Charles Aznavour's personal life and his long and amazing career.

We have put the recording of the songs that Vincent chose to listen to on this site - just click on the photo of Aznavour. In this way, you will be able to better familiarise yourself with the lyrics and enjoy listening to these songs so famous all over the world. Maybe you'll want to hum some tunes?

In general, we can say that our first virtual zoom conference went well.

We all managed to turn off our microphones and cameras when Vincent started his presentation.

Sometimes, we forgot to press the microphone to turn it on when we wanted to talk, but this will come with practice.

Vincent, too, had a technical problem when he wanted to play the songs, but, he managed to solve it, and, in fact, it was nice to listen to all the songs at the end of the evening.

It was very nice to chat in French with you, during the short interlude, on the aspect of Charles Aznavour's life and career that you liked the most.

It's a very encouraging start and has allowed us to meet up again thanks to technology

Our next conference will be on October 17, again on zoom at 7 p.m.

We will welcome Zoë Sanders who will tell us about the year she spent in Quebec, and the title of her talk is Frozen Winter and Warm Spirit, which already tells us that we will learn a lot about the life and character of Quebecers living in very cold winters, but, also, certainly, one will learn about the history, the culture and the geography of Quebec.

You will remember, no doubt, that the purpose of the French circle is also to celebrate la Francophonie, so we are delighted to be able, this year, to include Quebec.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Charles Aznavour -E
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